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Unlock a World of Knowledge at CMR School Medchal
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Best CBSE Schools in Medchal

Welcome to CMR School Medchal

Your Gateway to Quality Education. Discover excellence in education with our CBSE curriculum from Nursery to Grade 8. Our smart classrooms ensure a modern, interactive learning experience, limiting class sizes to 25-30 students. Explore well-equipped labs, engaging activities, and robust sports facilities, including indoor and outdoor play areas. With a focus on holistic development, CMR School Medchal is the top choice for quality education in Medchal. Join us in our 2.5-acre campus, where learning meets innovation. Be a part of the 1st CMR School in Medchal, setting the standard for education with a commitment to excellence.

Pre Primary

Pre Primary

Nurturing young minds with joyous learning and encouragement, our Pre Primary section sparks curiosity and lays the foundation for a lifetime of exploration.



In the vibrant Primary years, students embark on an educational adventure, where interactive lessons and diverse activities shape their academic journey.

Middle School

Middle School

Building on foundational knowledge, Middle School cultivates thinking and independence, preparing students for challenges of higher education and beyond.

High School

High School

The pinnacle of academic growth, High School at CMR shapes well-rounded individuals, fostering leadership, resilience, and a passion for lifelong learning.


To be a beacon of educational excellence, inspiring students to become compassionate, innovative, and responsible global citizens.


To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where students discover their potential, embrace diversity, and strive for academic and personal excellence.

WHY CMR School?

” CMR School: Elevating Education through Excellence, Innovation, and Holistic Development.”

Spread over 2.5 acres, our campus provides a conducive environment for learning and development.

Our activity-based curriculum fosters creative learning, ensuring a holistic educational experience.

Engage in a range of extracurricular activities, promoting holistic development and unique talents.

Our well-trained faculty adopts a child-centric approach, nurturing young minds with care and expertise.

Ensuring the safety of every student, our campus is designed to provide a secure and nurturing atmosphere.

Enhance language skills in our English lab, incorporating innovative techniques for effective communication.

Embrace beautiful penmanship through calligraphy, promoting better handwriting practices.

Develop numerical, analytical, and logical skills with dedicated Mathematics and Abacus labs.

Explore the wonders of science in our advanced labs, fostering curiosity and practical understanding.

Immerse in the digital age with our computer lab, providing individual access with internet facilities.

The School of Join CMR!

Why Choose CMR School?

Top 10 Reasons to Choose The CMR School at Medchal


Frequently Asked Questions

How does CMR School incorporate technology into education?

CMR School embraces smart education with cutting-edge technology in its classrooms, enhancing the learning experience for students.

What is the medium of instruction at CMR School?

The medium of instruction at CMR School is CBSE.

How are classes structured at CMR School?

Classes at CMR School are organized as follows: Pre-primary (Nursery-PP2), Primary (Grade 1-4), Middle School (Grade 5-7), and High School (Grade 8-10).

What is the class strength at CMR School?

The class strength at CMR School is limited to 25-30 students per section, ensuring personalized attention.

Are there labs at CMR School for practical learning?

Yes, CMR School has specialized labs for Computer Science, Mathematics, English, Physics & Chemistry, Biology, and even a dedicated Space Lab.

What extracurricular activities does CMR School offer?

CMR School provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, including art and craft, dance, music, and yoga.

What sports facilities are available at CMR School?

CMR School has both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including table tennis, chess, basketball, volleyball, football, and dedicated play areas for different classes.

How large is the campus of CMR School?

CMR School is situated on a spacious 2.5-acre campus, providing ample space for various activities and facilities.

Is CMR School the first CMR School in Medchal?

Yes, CMR School Medchal is the first CMR School in the Medchal region.

What grades does CMR School Medchal cater to?

   CMR School Medchal provides education for students from Nursery to Grade 10.

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