Salient Features of CMR School Medchal

Discover the outstanding features that set CMR School Medchal apart, providing a dynamic and enriching environment for your child’s education.

  1. World-Class Infrastructure:

   – Sprawling across 2.5 acres of lush greenery, our campus offers world-class facilities that create a conducive learning atmosphere.

  1. Activity-Based Curriculum:

   – Embracing a curriculum centered around activities fosters creative learning, ensuring students actively engage with their education.

  1. Extra and Co-curricular Activities:

   – A holistic approach to education includes a rich array of extra and co-curricular activities, promoting the development of diverse skills and talents.

  1. Well-Trained and Specialized Faculty:

   – Our dedicated faculty members are well-trained and specialized, providing an exceptional learning experience for every student.

  1. Child-Centric Approach:

   – With a focus on each child’s unique needs and abilities, our child-centric approach ensures personalized attention and a tailored educational experience.

  1. Safe and Secured Environment:

   – The safety and security of our students are paramount. We maintain a secure environment that nurtures a sense of well-being.

  1. English Lab and Calligraphy:

   – Enhancing language skills is a priority with our English lab, while calligraphy practices contribute to better handwriting.

  1. Mathematics Lab with Abacus:

   – The mathematics lab is equipped to enhance numerical, analytical, and logical skills. Abacus and advanced mathematics programs further enrich mathematical understanding.

  1. Advanced Science Labs:

   – State-of-the-art science labs provide a platform for hands-on exploration, encouraging curiosity and experimentation.

  1. Technology Integration:

    – Our computer labs, equipped with the latest IT facilities, ensure students have access to technology, fostering digital literacy from an early age.

  1. Library Excellence:

    – The library houses a diverse collection of fiction, reference materials, periodicals, and educational toys, promoting a love for reading and learning.

  1. Audio-Visual Lab and Photography & Journalism:

    – The school embraces modern learning methods with an audio-visual lab, and students explore the world of photography and journalism.

  1. Sports Facilities:

    – Professional coaching and international-quality courts for basketball, lawn tennis, shuttle court, volleyball, cricket, and football provide students with opportunities for physical development.

  1. Parental Engagement:

    – Parent orientation programs, counseling for both parents and students, and a unique monitoring system ensure active parental engagement in the educational journey.

  1. Free Medical Check-Up:

    – Prioritizing the well-being of our students, we provide free medical check-ups conducted by professionals.

  1. Transportation Services:

    – Ensuring convenience, we operate a fleet of 8 buses within a 15 km radius, driven by experienced drivers prioritizing safety.

At CMR School Medchal, these salient features are not just components of education; they represent our commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for every student.

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