CMR School Profile

CMR Group of Schools is founded under the visionary leadership of Sri. Ch. Malla Reddy Garu, Ex. Minister of Telangana State, stands as a beacon of quality education, inspired by the success of CMR International School. With a commitment to excellence, the school embraces a progressive approach, redefining educational standards in Medchal.

Under the dynamic chairmanship of Ch.Sowjanya Reddy, CMR School Medchal inherits the rich legacy of CMR International School, known for providing high-quality technical education comparable to premier institutions like NITs and IITs. The leadership’s vast experience resonates through the school’s ethos, emphasizing a holistic educational journey from kindergarten to Grade 10.

CMR School Medchal, a testament to the CMR Group’s commitment to education, goes beyond conventional teaching methods, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. This strategic shift has positioned CMR Group as a leader in the education sector, transforming the landscape and fostering a culture of creativity and enterprise.

The school boasts a dedicated team of business and financial experts, facilitating the growth of emerging enterprises. CMR School Medchal’s entrepreneurial wings have incubated over 50 ventures, spanning diverse domains such as IT, Financial Services, Health, Hospitality, Music, Education, and Engineering.

Welcome to CMR School Medchal – Most Trusted CBSE School in Medchal

CMR School Medchal envisions creating an educational environment where students accumulate knowledge, learn to create, and develop into integrated individuals ready to illuminate the world with their goodness. The school’s education system aligns with its mission of nurturing “THE WHOLE CHILD.”

From Nursery to Grade 10, CMR School Medchal is committed to providing holistic education, shaping students into future global citizens, innovative individuals, and leading entrepreneurs. The comprehensive curriculum ensures that every child becomes a valuable member of society, embodying the principles of holistic education championed by the CMR Group.

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